Waste and recycling management. 


Welcome to the Reiling Group.

Our company is a family-run recycling business. We have been collecting and recovering recyclable materials for 100 years, thus preserving natural resources and contributing to environmental and climate protection.

As recycling experts we are committed to creating an optimal loop. To do this we work mainly in partnership with trade, commerce, industry, local authorities and dual recycling systems. We provide support every step of the way from collection, transportation and processing to the supply of high-quality recyclates.

With innovative technologies and our own know-how we are constantly developing new opportunities for utilization and recycling, pursuing our goal of creating an optimal recovery chain. In this way we contribute to the greatest possible industrial value creation. With twelve German and four international facilities, we are one of the most versatile recycling groups in Europe.Recyclables management.Recycling

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We are there where you are.

We have made it our mission to effectively re-supply of industrial recyclables and thus completely closing material cycles. We offer a comprehensive collection, processing, recycling network and custom recycling solutions for various recyclables. Through resource recovery resources will spared. Processing is the be-all and end-all for an outstanding starting product. As a leading specialist in glass recycling, we use the latest processing techniques to create the best possible recycling chain. The end results a starting product of the highest quality.

The Reiling Group.

Cooperative. Sustainable. Successful.

A company with tradition

Founded as a simple raw materials business, the company developed into one of Germany’s glass recycling specialists in the 1950s. Today, in the fourth generation, the small firm has evolved into large group of companies. Nevertheless, Reiling remains at its core a classic family business. That’s something we’re proud of. We’ve come a long way and there’s one thing that always drives us to achieve new objectives: the commitment and dedication to a common cause.

Experience the Reiling benefit.
Reiling has stood for resource management and recycling for over 100 years. We work with passion and solid experience for the conservation of natural resources.
We’re flexible and have the right solution for every partner. We advise, collect and pick up. We process and deliver. What can we do for you?
We stand for continuous process optimization and develop our own recycling solutions. Our secondary raw materials are exceptionally pure and consistently fulfil high quality standards.

Our relationships with our customers are partnerships and we have a clear goal: we want to be your best partner.

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